As the year comes to an end...

Its been a crazy ride, this year.

I say it has gone way to fast with not enough done. I am sure some of you can relate? So much to do and not enough hours in the day to get them done. Excelsior Racing has taken some huge strides forward and a couple steps back, but here is the cool thing... we still kicked ASS!

I am excited to announce about 10 new products are coming out for next year for the P2 and the 850 chasis. We have met a bunch of great people this year. Towards the end of this year there was a huge surge in activity and I couldnt be happier, but in saying that, I hope you guys are happy as well!

Please stick close to the Blog part of our page to see NEW ARRIVALS in the Volvo community as well as our current projects. Some will be Volvo Based and some wont.

Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year!


Austin Webb