Automotive Repair & Restoration

At Excelsior Racing, we do it all!

Currently we manage 18 customers with over 841 cars under our care! We handle everything from basic maintenance to full on collection care.

We have had our hands on everything from 1906 Ford Runabouts, 1954 Kaiser-Darrins, Kurtis Kraft, all the way to modern exotics!

We even have a care free maintenance schedule, where we schedule all of your appointments for your exotic cars to be dealer maintained.

If you are in the Midwest we have a network of dealers that we utilize and get special pricing through, to give our customers the best care possible!

We also work with several professional race teams that compete in Pirelli World Challenge, IMSA, and the Trans Am Series to provide track support and technical services.

If we cannot handle your needs we can send you in the right direction as well!

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