About Us

I have gotten several inquiries as to what our name means and why I chose it... well here it goes!

I wanted to chose a name that was strong and that meant something. There are a lot of companies out there that just throw out a name because it sounds cool and thats it. No meaning and they cant really explain it.

Not us. And no I didnt get "excelsior" from that funny character on South park or from Star Trek.

The name was introduced by a good friend of mine Vance, so was the meaning... Excelsior's most popular definition is "ever higher"...seems fitting right?

Everything that you do can be improved, never settle, never quit. But to go "ever higher" there are some requirements along the way.
Another side definition, if you will, is "standard bearer". In the old English definition the standard bearer is the one who held the flag high with honor during battle.

Everyday is a battle...be the standard bearer.

Im a nerd about symbolism I guess. So I chose the shield and sword to go with the name. It all fits together. One relies on the other.

Why the sword and the shield?

Well, the sword is an up close weapon. A weapon to be wielded not by cowards because in order to use a sword properly you have to look the enemy in the eye.

The shield is a defensive object to protect from the frontal attack. It does not offer protection from the rear to guard against retreat. You have no choice to move forward when using the shield...no retreat, ever higher.

That is what I chose to describe us as a group...as a company.

We are not backing down, we never will. We are going to push the industry forward into new boundaries one car and handshake at a time.

-Austin Webb